Classroom is an evidence-based approach to education that leads to greater teacher effectiveness, higher student achievement, and improved school climate.


Music is the food of the soul. music classes is given to the students and children are taught to use various instruments like Congo, Bongo, Harmonium, Casio and guitar. Indian and Western Indian dances like classical, folk and contemporary dances are taught in the school.


The dance world consists of many different scenes and contexts for learning. There are also a great many variations of philosophies, standards, and expectations.


The general expectation is that all activites in the libraries will be conducted in a quiet manner to avoid distrubing other library users
Furniture is placed for safety and maximum use of space. Do not move the furniture in the conference room or computer labs. Users are required to use library equipments for designated purposes only.


The school has the Internet facility as well on all computers, which are connected in LAN. Simultaneously, we ensure that every student is safe while on the internet. Teachers make effective use of the Internet to update themselves and provide students the very latest information.


Disciplined behaviour at all the times.
Move in neat lines from classrooms to bus.
Disciplined, quick, orderly dispersal at the end.
Co-operation and courtesy to be shown to all.

Infrastructure Details

S.No. Rooms No. of Rooms Length (In ft.) Width (In ft.) Length x Width
1 Class Room 17 27 22 27 x 22ft.
2 Composite science Lab & Math Lab 1 31 35 31 x 35ft.
3 Physics Lab 1 27 22 27 x 22ft.
4 Chemistry Lab 1 27 22 27 x 22ft.
5 Biology Lab 1 27 22 27 x 22ft.
6 Computer Science Lab 1 27 22 27 x 22ft.
7 Library 1 44 22 44 x 22ft.
8 Dance Room 1 38 31 38 x 22ft.
9 Music Room 1 38 31 38 x 31ft.
10 Wellness Room & Clinic (Medical Room) 1 13 22 13 x 22 ft
11 Language Lab 1 27 22 27 x 22ft.
12 Staff Room 1 22 18 22 x 18ft.
13 Activity Hall 1 80 45 80 x 45ft.


Class Section No. of Students
I A 44
II A 30
II B 29
III A 44
IV A 44
V A 39
VI A 45
VII A 29
IX A 42
X A 37